Meet the Pastor

Apostle Clarence Gadson, Jr.

Answering the call on his life as a young man. Being raised in a holiness church established in 1964 under the leadership of Pastor Albertha Youmans, his grandmother. Clarence served faithfully for many years at Little Rock Mountain Of Holiness Church until the passing of his leader.

He became Pastor in 1989 of the renamed Mountain of Holiness Church, INC. Serving GOD people with a passion to establish a ministry dedicated to reaching people of all races, backgrounds, and ages. While leading them to a personal faith in CHRIST JESUS our LORD and SAVIOR according to John 3:16.

At the age of 29 Pastor Gadson was diagnosed with kidney failure. Spending nine years on dialysis, before receiving his kidney transplant. He had a personal experience of GOD’s healing and resurrection power. It was through his faith in GOD and the mercy of GOD that he is still here today as a walking miracle.

Holiness is not a denomination, but a lifestyle we all must live to see our LORD and SAVIOR. Pastor Gadson believe he has been given a second chance at life for a reason, for times such as these. Mountain Of Holiness Church is a community base church that serves GOD’s people whole heartily. It is his ultimate goal to equip believes with the word of GOD so they may stand fast in time like these when they are faced with so many life challenges. It is his vision to build kingdom minded people to help spread this glorious gospel and to live in the abundance of GOD promise. Apostle Clarence Gadson, Jr stand on the scripture John 9:4

” I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the ight cometh, when no man can work. “